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Rogan Josh, the name of this dish itself is a long story. In short: It means something like cooking with great heat or passion. If your passion is Asian cuisine, we will awaken it now with a traditional dish that originally comes from Kashmir. 

Rogan Josh in its traditional version is based on braised lamb and a rich sauce made from shallots or onions, ginger, yogurt and some typical spices such as cloves, cardamom and cinnamon, as well as tons of dried red chili peppers. 

The ingredients of our Rogan Josh Paste from the well-known food manufacturer Asian Home Gourmet are very close to the traditional original recipe. Therefore, you will be able to cook a whole lot of original Rogan Josh with the 50 grams of Rogan Josh Paste. There are many slightly different versions of Rogan Josh. Our paste is particularly suitable for the Indian version. You can also prepare other versions by adding certain ingredients or leaving out the red chili peppers.


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